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“Ian James is amazing…truly a joy to read.” — The Kindle Book Review

When Ryo Nakano, an Imperial Japanese soldier, gets a bizarre text message, he discovers he is the only man alive who can rescue his country from an invasion by Nazi Germany. In 2015 the Cold War has just ended, Japan is defeated, and after meeting Sato Hideyoshi—sender of the mysterious text, horrific vivisector of subhumans, and genius inventor of the Traversable Wormhole Generator—Ryo learns he must gamble everything if he is to go back in time to save the one man who can save the world: Adolph Hitler.

The journey to the past is fraught with danger. Ryo battles Aryans, the Secret Police, and even his own wife before he leaps through a wormhole and into the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s secret bunker, on July 20th, 1941, the day the Fuehrer was assassinated. Ryo finds, however, that saving Hitler is only the beginning of his journey, and that he will have to plunge into the blood-soaked world of 1941 if he is to survive.

Part dystopian thriller, part sci-fi alternate history, part satire, Saving Hitler is an eye-opening exposé of the fascist taints in our own society, and takes us on a breathless voyage to a WW2 that never was: across Nazi Germany’s marble megacity capital of the world, the bleak war-torn wastes of Siberia, and the anxious machine gun nests of a Hawaii softened up for a Japanese land invasion.

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In 927 the medieval world is plunging into armageddon, and not just for the Tang or Byzantine empires, but also for Hanna bat David, an Andalusian girl whose parents have forced her to marry the disgusting owner of a thousand slaves. Hanna chooses to conquer her destiny instead, dresses as her twin brother, and escapes across the ocean with her adventurous silk-trading uncle Moses.

In China, desperate to prove her worth to Moses, who’s convinced that taking this klutz along has devastated his profits, Hanna runs into Flax, a lunatic monk screaming in the street that he’s the heir to the Korean throne. Gifted with the ability to see who people really are, Flax blackmails her into taking revenge on his enemies, and Hanna, vulnerable to discovery, has no choice but to obey.

Now the cross-dresser has to convince her uncle’s crew of Vikings, Byzantines, Ethiopians, Muslims, and Jews to fight for Flax, all while wondering if she was a fool to abandon her parents, as the ship approaches Korea’s mysterious shores…

Packed with conflict, lust, humor, and adventure, Queen Of The Silk Road brings us into a past we never knew, but now can never forget.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give up everything you know and move to another country? Have you dreamed of exploring new worlds and soaking yourself in foreign languages and cultures?

Ian James is one of those dreamers. He just wants to travel, pay off his student loans, and do a good job as an English teacher at a public school in South Korea, but after the first day—of teachers backhanding students and students finger-raping teachers—his sojourn becomes a simple question of survival.

Can he make it through the poisoned air which reeks of sewage, the garbage-strewn sidewalks lined with prostitutes, the crushing eggcrate apartment blocks, the bizarre colleagues who force him to kowtow before nightmarish classrooms swarming with shrieking children? Or will Korea send him packing to the debts in America he was trying to escape? Click here to start reading now.


Ian James is lost in Asia. After six agonizing months in a South Korean public school shatters his wellbeing he plunges into Indochina to sail the Mekong River and wander the city-sized temples of Angkor Wat, blinded by romance, battling to discover a purpose to existence. Failure seems imminent until he finds Gold Silver Jade clopping along Busan’s streets in gleaming stilettos: the heir to the throne of the Korean Empire.

Fantasy book, time travel romance, and travel writing all-in-one, Love In The Time Of Swine Flu mixes the history of a Korean family’s skyrocketing rise to riches with a refugee’s eye-opening memoir of exile. Click here to start reading now.