How To While Away The Weekend

A few weeks ago I found this amazing map (on reddit, of course) of things to do in Korea, and in looking at it now I’m realizing that for all the bellyaching I’ve down about this place I’ve only seen the tiniest fraction of it, and that there are tons of amazing things I’d love to see that I’ll probably never get to look at. I spend at least a few minutes every day bemoaning the fact that I can’t travel, the plight of the non-traveller, that I can’t explore the world, that I’ll be an old man by the time I have the time and funds to uncover every inch of planet Earth—I’ll be Hank Hill in his RV—but then even in Korea where nothing is more than a six hours’ drive from anywhere else I’ve still barely seen anything.

I would go today, if I could. I’m in Gyeongju, so I might check out Daejeonsa, which I’ve never heard of, but it’s at least two hours from here, and I have to take my wife and my kids with me. Two of those are fine in the car, but once you strap the baby into his seat he screams like he’s getting thrown into a volcano. Ugh, woe is me. But so is whoa.