Tourist’s / Traveler’s / Tourist’s Manifesto


Stepping down like an explorer who just wants to spend a little money and see the planet—because although the entire world has been mapped and photographed and videoed and described a thousand million times, none of it has been seen if I myself have not seen it with my own eyes—stepping down onto Luang Prabang’s cement in the dark rain under the jungle’s rushing leaves, and getting myself snapped up by a sorcerous tuktuk, I whirled through the lights of the night like a spark from a bonfire, and came at last to my lodgings, another friendly guidebook-recommended family place, where they had room for me.

—excerpted from Kingdoms in the Sun, a new ebook from galaxy-famous Ian James which costs less than a ten-minute tuktuk ride. Join the other readers of this blog who have picked up a copy now!

P.S: Also can’t believe how many of you guys liked the last post. It’s kind of a mystery to me why some excerpts succeed and others fail—they all seem to be of the same (staggeringly genius /s) quality to me. I could turn on comments, but then I’d have to deal with  occasional psychotic stalkers whom I ran into on my last blog. You guys are always free to drop me an email if you have something to say about what I post here. Anyway, thanks for the likes and follows 🙂